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Our methods

Three paths to explore:

Training dogs who are difficult to train. 

Groom your dog like a professional, even if this is your first time. 

Tips and tricks for owners of new puppies. No more overwhelm. 

A more wonderful life, between you and your dog, with no more frustrations.

Our online training sessions, will build your confidence, trust and knowledge, so you and your dog work together as the pawfect team. 

Take a class

These popular individual classes are a great place to start.


If you want to expand your skills, work with someone who has decades of experience with difficult to groom and train dog breeds.


Yeti and I break each skill into easy to learn, implement and use methods. Making these new skills fun, exciting and engaging. 

Enhance your bond with your dog.

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience. But, if you don’t know and understand your dog, it can be frustrating. Our classes and downloads remove your frustration. 


Struggling with training your dog? 

Struggle no more. Our training takes a different approach than simple sit, stay, down and come commands. Training will be fun and enjoyable for both of you. Best yet, your dog will listen and do what you ask. 


Is grooming stressful?

Our courses help take the stress away. They're made for everyone, from those with zero experience, all the way to those who are thinking of showing their dogs. 


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Heidi, a dog owner for nearly my entire life, trainer and groomer. I help ease the frustrations for new and existing owners, with grooming, handling, training and working with dogs, who just don’t want to listen to their humans.


I had my first dog, when I was a toddler. A big, giant, drooly Newfoundland puppy. My parents owned an original 1970’s Volkswagen Bug. I’d be in the backseat, sitting in my car seat, with a giant, over 100lb, huge, drooling Newfoundland taking over the entire backseat, part of him sitting on my lap. I was covered in doggie drool and loved every moment of it. 


I started grooming my family American Eskimo when I was 14. He really enjoyed having his belly brushed. He’d lie down long enough for me to do about 5 brush strokes on his back, before he’d roll over, sticking all 4 paws into the air. He had the most perfectly groomed belly and the rest of him, didn't look too bad either. 


My husband and I got our first Samoyed, Chewy, 20 years ago. We brought him to puppy training classes. I thought I knew what I was doing as a dog owner….until Chewy hit his ‘Velociraptor’ stage in life. He ate my windowsills, chewed our carpeting into a 3 foot mound while I was gone for one hour, ate my sofa, destroyed our baseboard trim and did so many other terrible things I’ve permanently blocked from my mind. I thought he was a broken dog and during many sleepless nights, wondered if I should return him to his breeder.


Instead, I decided to look into different ways of working with super intelligent dogs. From the simple steps I took, Chewy became the best behaved dog.



These techniques work on ‘stubborn,’ intelligent dogs, where simple sit, stay, come, down commands don’t. They work on all ages, from puppies, to adult dogs.


Not only do our training sessions work, but our grooming sessions help take the overwhelm out of dog grooming. They make it easy for someone who’s never held a dog brush, all the way to experienced owners, groom like professionals.


We help demystify puppies all the way to seniors, so you have the best experiences possible. Truly making your dog, a beloved family member. 


Each dog is individual and listens in their own ways, based on what they were bred to do.


I’m here with simple solutions, to make life easier, for you and your fuzzy buddy. 


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